Social Vibe is a website that raises money for different charities in free and simple ways.  When I log onto Social Vibe, I do a couple "activities."  The "activities" are just watching advertisements for different companies doing good things for the world.  Then I answer a pole question related to the video or go look at a webpage.  Every "activity" that I do earns me points which get turned into money for my specific charity.  I've picked To Write Love on Her Arms as my charity because they help with an issue that is personal to me.  When you join Social Vibe, you can pick whatever charity you want for your activity points to go to.  It's so simple!  This website is a great way to do a little good in the world when you don't have extra money to donate and you don't have extra time to go out into your community and volunteer.  Now you have no excuse to do nothing good for the world! lol  Join today! =)

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