Today in my music class, our teacher switched the ELMO to black and white.  She said it was in honor of the upcoming holiday, and this got me to thinking about black and white movies and photographs.  I'm not sure if anyone else does this, but when I think of something from a long time ago, I always picture it in black and white!  

When I was little, black and white photographs in combination with the movie The Wizard of Oz definitely confused my way of thinking about the "olden days."  From the time that I first started seeing black and white pictures until probably the fifth grade I thought that back in the days when my parents were kids that everything actually had no color!  Then, the movie The Wizard of Oz made me think that one day magically everything became colored. Remember the part in the movie after Dorothy's house landed in Oz, and she stepped out to a colorful land? That's the part that messed with my mind!

Today, of course, I understand that everything was colored in real life in the "olden days" just like today, but back then I didn't.  I thought I would share this silly fact about myself. . . maybe it made you laugh. =)

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