Well, I've transferred to a different university, and today is my first day.  I've had one class so far, and I think the woman teaching it should retire to an old folks home.  You can tell that she loves having a captive audience to ramble to.  Although, we did get out of class early because it is the first day.  Ordinarily I would love getting out of a class early, but today I wish I was still sitting in that classroom.  It's my first day, and I'm wandering around like a stupid freshman, trying to find my classes, when in all actuality . . . this is my third year of college.  PLUS, now I have a huge gab between 11:15 and 1:30 to fill with nothing.  I have no friends yet, and no one I went to high school with has crossed my path yet (with the exception of some Mexican kid I think was a year ahead of me in high school that I don't know the name of).

So, now I'm sitting on a bench outside the library with my computer, waiting for 1:30 to roll around.  Hopefully, my computer has enough battery power to last.  So far, a guy with a blue mohawk and lots of girls who are dressed to impress have walked by.  I'm actually surprised that I haven't seen someone from my high school yet.  From what I hear, this college is full of people I grew up with.  Oh wait! There goes a girl from my younger sister's class.  I guess she didn't recognize me . . . she walked right pass without even a smile.

Another thing I've noticed about Fort Wayne is that (from my personal experience) people are a lot less friendly than in Muncie.  I smile at people who walk past, and I get nothing.  No one holds the door behind them, no one smiles.  Oh well, the things we do for love. :) And I do love Austin . . . I couldn't be happier if I went to Disneyland right now.  We've been living together in this unfriendly city for about 3 months now.  I'm getting used to it. My explanation for the unfriendliness is that the bigger the city, the more traffic, the more grumpy people.  Fort Wayne driving has put a grumpy look on my face more than once. Well, think good thoughts for me today.  There is still plenty of time for me to get lost. :)  Talk to you all later! =) 
3/6/2011 04:16:19 pm

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