So, I am pretty close to running out of money entirely. I currently have a total of $7.00 in my checking account (not even enough to withdraw from any ATM), and that's all I had until today.  This morning while getting ready to go to class, I packed a bag up with my DVD player, 3 DVDs, and an earring that I had lost the match to.  After my geography test I pathetically walked down campus to my car with my bag full of things.

Then, I drove down to EZ Pawn.  I asked the lady how much she could give me for the DVD player and DVDs.  She said, "We only give about $5 for DVD players and I can give you about $.50 for each DVD."  Then I gave her the gold earring I had in my pocket.  I asked if maybe she could buy it for scrap gold or something.  She examined it and said she could give me $3 for it.  It was a very small earring, so I sold it to her along with my 3 movies.  I couldn't bring myself to sell her the DVD player (which was in good condition and had the remote and cords to go with it) for only $5.  She put in all my information, took my finger print, and gave me $5 ($.50 more than I was expecting).

I said thank you, and sadly walked out of the store.  As I got into my car (trying to not be ashamed as the guy parked next to me looked on from his pick up truck) I wondered if I could get any more out of that DVD player if I went to a different pawn shop or if that was all I could get anywhere I went.  So, I drove down to another pawn shop I knew of in town, and the guy at the counter there gave me $8.00 for it.  I took it even though it still was worth more than that because I needed some money for laundry and gas while I'm still struggling to find a job.

So, I walked back to my dorm room $13 richer this afternoon.  Not that that is much to brag about or anything. I checked my email as soon as I got back only to find out I had been rejected from another job, this time because I had classes apparently too early the days after they would be needing me to work.  Why is it their decision on if my classes are too early the next morning or not?  Believe me, I nap enough to make up for it.

Oh well, that's basically all thats going on right now.  If anyone ever reads this, please pray for me.  I really need a job.
10/16/2009 12:43:08

hey rachel. i agree that $5 is much too little for a DVD player. i hope that things start to turn around for you. i think about you a lot at the store because its so boring. i miss you and jordan terribly!!


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