I just got home.  The class that I left to go to got cancelled at the last minute.  Apparently, to fix some maintenance issue, the power was set to go out on campus over the weekend.  However, the problem still isn't fixed.  So, they have been turning the power on and off all over campus all day.  Well, the class that I was going to attend is a televised class, and most of the students in this class watch the recorded version online.  Seeing as we wouldn't be able to record our class (because they decided suddenly to have another power outage right before we started class . . . for an hour), there wouldn't be any way for most of the students to watch the class.  Anyway, I drove back home.

My thought is, why do we depend so much on technology if we know how undependable it is?  I hear professors and students say things like, "Don't depend on the computer to be working right before class." or "Ugh, technology!" all the time.  So, if we know that it isn't dependable, why are there classes created that cannot take place if technology breaks down.  In my 2.5 years of college, I have probably wasted so much money on classes that didn't meet 20% of the time just because the professor cancelled class.  I wonder how much of that was to blame on technology. Or think about how many students skip class because they couldn't get their assignment to print because the printer just decided not to work.

This might seem like a silly thing for me to be complaining about on my online blog, but trust me, I could live my life without any problems even if I didn't have my blog.  I could live without facebook or myspace easily.  My life would probably be better without those things to distract me.  Oh well, I just thought I would let my feelings about this be heard. I just don't think my class should have been cancelled due to a power outage.  I think that is stupid.  Plus, I'm a little annoyed that I wasted the gas to go there for no reason.  What do you guys think about all of this?
3/9/2011 17:04:11

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