First off, I want to apologize for such a late thought of the week, but maybe if you look at it, you will laugh . . . a little . . . maybe???  :)  

Secondly, I want to complain about my heater.  In our apartment, we have a huge heater that is attached kitty-corner style to a corner in the living room.  It is plugged in by a humungous plug which just gives me a visual symbol for how much electricity it sucks up.  Usually our electric bill for our tiny, one bedroom apartment is no more than $30 a month.  This month the bill is for $87.  We usually keep our thermostat at 65 ish degrees . . . never more than 70 on a cold day.  We have blankets and towels in the bottom of our back door and all of the windows.  What else can we do?  Do you guys have any more tips for keep the electric bill down?  As far as other appliances and keeping lights on . . . we unplug everything that doesn't need to be on, and we only turn on lights at night in one room at a time.  So, it has to be a heating issue that makes the bill skyrocket.  Any tips you guys have are more than welcome.

Thirdly, if you are a shoe salesperson, please quit leaving your spam comments on my blogs.  They will be deleted.

Thanks guys! Stay warm! =)

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