Today I want to talk about a problem I have been having regarding my education psychology class.  Okay, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have my elementary education class at 8:00 am, and then I have my education psychology class at 11:00 am.  Most days, I make it to my EDPSY class, but I'm finding that it's becoming more and more difficult!  Because of the huge break I have in between classes, I go back to my room after my first class.  

Today I realized that for a total of 3 times so far, I have fallen asleep and didn't wake up on time, or have become so enthralled in something that I wasn't paying enough attention to the time to get out the door in time for class!  I need to find a solution because I'm sure my grade will start going down in terms of attendance points if nothing else. 

Another thing I'd like to hit on is my ongoing job search.  So far this semester, I have applied to a total of 22 places ranging from grocery stores to clothing stores to fast food. Last week, I turned in 6 applications in person on Thursday and did 3 online on Friday.  So, for the 6 I turned in on Thursday, I have called each place twice to check in so far. The first time I called a few of the places was only a couple days after I turned in the applications, so I understood when they said something like they haven't had a chance to go through them yet, but now it has been a week and when I called again today they are telling me the same thing!

I guess it would be possible for a manager who isn't actually hiring to say something like this to inquiring applicants until they stop calling . . . maybe, but a majority of the places I called are actually hiring!  Maybe a week isn't actually a long time.  It's just my opinion that maybe they should have looked at them by now, and at least been interested in the fact that I truly want a job and called to inquire.  A couple places didn't even ask for my name!!!

Okay, that's all the pointless babbling I will do for now. Have a good day all! =)

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