Wow! I have such bad mood swings when it comes to deciding whether or not to keep this blog thing updated.  Sorry.  I apologize for my laziness. :)

Well, Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  Okay, now I'm caught up.

Haha, just kidding.  I wouldn't really waste my time writing a blog that short and pointless.

The Spring 2011 semester has begun, and I have come to one very important realization.  My history professor looks exactly like Philip DeFranco.  If you don't know who I am talking about, take a look at his
YouTube channel.  He is a very funny, informative YouTuber that I love to watch every week.  While I am disappointed that this is the second history class that I have to take simply because I transferred schools, the humorous fact my professor looks like one of my favorite YouTubers makes it bearable.  Plus, it's American History.  So, it's a lot more interesting than The World in the Twentieth Century class I took last semester.

The heating bill came once again, and it was higher than the last one.  Plus, the heater doesn't work in our car anymore.  So, now I have to be cold in the car and at home.  Come on Spring! Anytime now would be great. Oh, and that tax refund check . . . that could come anytime also . . . my whole $40.  Maybe I'll buy a candy bar. lol  Okay, I'm going to go come up with an interesting thought of the week and do some homework.  Bye bye guys! =)

3/4/2011 01:15:42 am

poke poke! you havent blogged in awhile lady. you should probs do that. :)


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