A friend recently suggested going out to eat, and she asked for suggestions on which restaurant to choose.  She made the comment that it should be reasonably priced like Olive Garden or Quaker Steak and Lube.  Am I the only one who absolutely disagrees that Olive Garden is "reasonably priced"?  Paying $10 for one meal is too much!  I can feed 3 people very generous portions of spaghetti and meatballs for around $5 altogether at home. That's $1.67 per person.  Anyway, her comment got me thinking about some restaurants that I consider to be "reasonably priced." Most of the restaurants I came up with are either locally owned (not chain restaurants) or fast-food restaurants.  I know some people would probably not chose fast-food restaurants because of the unhealthy food, but there are actually some good, healthier-than-greasy-burger options at fast food places.  You just have to make the right choice.  Anyway, I will not be going to lunch with the group next week because I guess I am too cheap.  What do you guys think?  What do you consider to be "reasonably priced"?
4/27/2012 07:43:39 am

Olive Garden isn't bad :/ I'm going there today. Your food portion is huge compared to some places, and that 10 bucks or whatever includes unlimited breadsticks and salad. You get a ton of food for that price.

4/27/2012 07:57:19 am

You only get unlimited breadsticks and salad if you purchase a meal that comes with it. Even if you do get a lot of food . . . there aren't smaller meals for cheaper prices. I'm not paying $10 for one meal. $5-6 sounds better to me.


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