So, on Friday night, my boyfriend proposed to me. =D Of, course I said yes, and I'm so freaking excited! I just thought I'd post something on my website since I've talked about Austin on here before.  Okay, here's how it happened . . .

That night, Austin took me to ihop after he got off work (which is where we had our first real date).  So, it's like 1:15 am.  If you want to be technical, I got engaged on Saturday, April 17th really, really early in the morning.  We were sitting in the car before we went in to eat, and Austin held out the ring and said, "Look, I don't really know how this works, but will you?"  And I said, "YES!!!" :)  That is it, that's the story. lol

I thought I would share.  I'm very excited. The picture below is the ring he gave me. :) It's very pretty, and I love it.

I love you Austin!

6/2/2010 14:17:21

That's so cute! Whoever said it was lame is obviously not thinking... when someone proposes, it doesn't have to be all thought out! It's that they're really speaking from the heart... and someone who practices over and over again probably isn't!

Love you're story <3

8/22/2012 07:26:38

I think the proposals that aren't over the top are the best ones! I was checking out your blog and found this, and I wanted to let you know that mine wasn't grand or fancy either!

We had cancelled our dinner plans for our 1 year anniversary because I didn't feel well. We went to a housewarming party down the block instead. I had thought Christian would propose that night, but didn't think anything of it since we were no longer going to dinner.

But he did, at that housewarming party, on a couch in the living room after 6 shots of Admiral Nelson. He didn't have a ring, but I really didn't care. :)


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