I recently found a group on Facebook called "You know you go to IWU when . . ." and it listed all the things below. However, I feel like most of them apply to any college, and I thought it was super funny (even though they're mostly true).  So, I had to post it. Enjoy! =)

1. High school started before 8am, but now anything before noon is considered “early."

2. You have more Mountain Dew than food in your fridge.

3. Weekends start on Thursday. No... Wednesday.

4. 6am is when you go to sleep, not when you wake up.

5. You know many different ways to cook ramen noodles or macaroni and cheese.

6. Instead of falling asleep in class, you stay in bed.

7. You know how late McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Ivanhoes, etc. are open.

8. You think it’s the weekend on a Wednesday and you don’t know what month it is.

9. You can't remember the last time you washed your car.

10. Your underwear/sock supply dictates your laundry schedule.

11. You check Facebook more than once a day.

12. You get drunk dialed on any night of the week by friends at public schools.

13. You wash dishes in the bathroom sink.

14. You’ve fallen off a loft bed.

15. You talk about chapel like it’s the news.

16. Finding random people in your dorm is perfectly normal.

17. Your primary news sources are the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

18. You open a Mountain Dew at 10 am and your roommate asks you if there’s more.

19. The standard of meals per day falls to two, sometimes just one.

20. Your trash is overflowing and your bank account isn’t.

21. You go to Meijer or WalMart more than 3 times a week.

22. You wear the same jeans for 13 days without washing them.

23. Your breakfast consists of a coke or cereal bar on the way to class... anything with caffeine will do.

24. Quarters are like gold.

25. Your idea of feeding the poor is buying some ramen noodles.

26. You live in a room with three couches or chairs, none of which match.

27. You try to study but seem to procrastinate by eating, going to study breaks, talking to people, getting on Facebook, etc... 

28. You talk to your roommate on instant messenger when you’re both home.

29. You ask people who’s speaking in chapel tomorrow.

30. Certain things are now deemed "facebook worthy." When friends take pictures of you, you wonder how long it will take them to post them.

31. You’ve seen a hit and run involving a bicyclist or skateboard/pedestrian.

32. You see people you know you’ve met but can never remember their names or how you know them.

33. You sleep more in chapel than in your room

34. Your idea of a square meal is a box of Pop-Tarts.

35. You've traveled with bags of dirty clothes.

36. You go home to do your laundry because you're too poor to pay the $2... or too lazy to go to a change machine.

37. You pay $100 for a book you don't read once, return it four months later, and get $7.

38. More than 20% of your household furnishings are made from milk crates.

39. You recognize the meat in the Baldwin soup was yesterday's meatloaf, and thus decide to eat a nice bowl of cereal - a safe bet for any meal.

40. You use words like "thus" (see #40).

41. You throw out bowls and plates because you don't feel like washing them.

42. It takes preparation... and 3 people... to take out your garbage.

43. Going to the library is a social event.

44. You wear flip flops in the shower your freshman year... you know why.

45. You start joining clubs because of the free food.

46. Visits home depend on how much money you have for gas.

47. You skip one class to write a paper for another.

48. You have no idea where your tuition money is going... technology fees? I think not.

49. Bicycles don't seem as lame as they did in high school.

50. You stay up late to finish homework then sleep through the class in which it was due.

51. Girls: You've balanced your foot on a shampoo bottle to shave.

52. Your backpack is giving you scoliosis.

53. You've written a check for 45 cents or stopped to get $2.00 of gas.

54. Your bill in the bookstore will be comparable to tuition.

55. Going to the mailbox becomes an ego booster/breaker.

56. You never realized so many people are smarter than you.

57. You never realized so many people are more dumb (aka "dumber") than you.

58. Western Europe could be wiped out by a terrible plague and you'd never know, but you can recite the last episode of The Office.

59. Care packages rank right up there with birthdays.

60. You meet the type of people you thought only existed in movies.

61. Printers break down only when you desperately need them.

62. Anything can be cooked in a microwave.

63. Two words: campus police

64. Old school Nintendo... and guitar hero... are pretty much the best things ever.

65. Going to the grocery at midnight is completely normal.

66. You call restaurants that deliver more than you call your own family.

67. You've paid bills over $5... in coins.

68. You can't imagine life without your computer/cell phone/ ipod.

69. Hoodies and sweatpants become the norm - jeans are considered "dressy" at certain occasions... like school.

70. A canceled class is almost as exciting as Christmas.

71. Taking a nap in the library is perfectly acceptable.

72. Your prof swears in class and no one cares.

73. Candles in your dorm room are considered contraband.

74. You take condiment packets and napkins from fast food restaurants, wildcat, and Mario’s - hey, they're free.

75. Betta fish are like your family.

76. You bring back socks from the laundry room that may or may not be yours.

77. The elevators take forever but you'll wait 10 minutes just so you don't have to climb stairs.

78. Your roommate asks you to check the weather on your computer when they're standing 5 feet away from the door.

79. Showers become more of an issue.

80. You press the automatic door opener instead of simply grabbing the handle when you approach a door.

81. Christmas lights seem to be acceptable all year round.

82. Class size doubles on exam days.

83. You donate plasma even though you know it's pretty sketchy.

84. You are no longer thankful that fire alarms are here to protect you.

85. You've bought Christmas presents from the book store and charged it to your student account so your parents pay for the gifts because you're too broke.

86. You begin to include ketchup on your list of acceptable vegetables.

87. You stay in the student center for hours in between classes when it's too cold to walk to the dorm. 

88. People have to help you kick the vending machine just so you can get your 50 cent bag of chips.

89. There's always a "question kid" in at least one of your classes, and you really wish someone would just tell him/her to shut up.

90. You steal dishes from Baldwin so you don't have to wash your own.

91. Laundry is an all-day event.

92. You no longer find it uncool to take naps. In fact, you quite enjoy them.

93. You find your list of acceptable napping places expanding daily to increasingly uncomfortable locations.

94. You fill out credit card applications for the free food.

95. You've eaten cereal out of a cup... with a fork.

96. Dressing up for Halloween becomes cool again.

97. You know at least one person who has dropped his/her cell phone into a toilet. 

98. You hang multiple shirts on the same hanger to save space/money.

99. You become increasingly annoyed with the "old" people in class - props to them for going back to college but they generally ask really, really annoying questions.

100. You admire people's IBC, Crush, and Sprecher bottle shrines. 

101. You set your clock 5-10 minutes ahead so you can potentially make it to class on time.

102. You eventually realize that setting your clock ahead makes no difference to you and you're still late.

103. You check ratemyprofessor.com (or something of the like) before choosing your class schedule.

104. You text faster than you type.

105. You only find out a class is cancelled after you get there and sit for about ten minutes.

106. You start wishing IWU gave coupon books.

107. You open canned food and eat it... out of the can.

108. You run out of black ink and, instead of buying a new ink cartridge, decide blue is a nice substitute... adds a little flair.

109. The food in your fridge may or may not be older than your little brother.

110. The words "google" and "wikipedia" have become verbs. And you use them... quite often.

111. You fill your empty two-liter bottles with pop from the school cafeteria.

112. Your floor has been dirty to the point that you've had to brush your feet off before putting on socks or getting into bed.

113. You're all for the free samples at grocery stores.

114. Energy drinks become your new best friends.

115. You realize that taking summer classes pretty much negates the fun connotation of "summer."

116. You know exactly how many cans of pop will fit into a mini-fridge.

117. You realize that said mini-fridge does NOT freeze ice cream.

118. You've made a sandwich on or eaten food off of your $1500 laptop.

119. Most of your textbooks remain unopened (possibly still shrink-wrapped) the entire semester.

120. You go home for winter/summer break and suddenly your life back at college seems so exciting...

121. You discover new bruises on your body and wonder where they came from.

122. You walk through the grass every chance you get to see if they will put in a sidewalk.

123. Two (more) words: Power Hour.

124. Lunchables are cool again.

125. People make snow sculptures of the last supper instead of snowmen.

126. You know at least five people who've burned popcorn.

127. You wonder why Baldwin serves breakfast. Who really gets up that early?

128. You attend insanely boring seminars because your professor offers extra credit. Hmm, maybe there will even be cookies or something...

129. You finish reading this and wonder how you can procrastinate next.

i feel like im not a college kid.......only like one or two of those applied to me.


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