I haven't blogged in quite a while, and I decided I needed to post something interesting.  Well, a couple days ago (I don't know why) my fiance and I were talking about our favorite cheeses.  So, without further adieu, here is a list of my favorite cheese. Enjoy! lol

1. Mozzarella (pizza, cheese sticks, string cheese, you name it . . . I love it.)
2. Colby Jack
3. Shredded Taco Seasoned Cheese (you can melt that stuff on anything, and it'll be good. lol)
4. Provolone
5. Cream Cheese (Yea, this is great to cook so many different things with, but I'll eat it just by itself! Yum!)
6. Parmesan
7. Swiss (I'm noticing a white cheese trend here . . . lol)
9.  Queso cheese dip from any REAL Mexican restaurant (yep, there's definitely a trend lol)
10. Nacho cheese sauce 

Well, there's my top ten, folks.  Be sure to tell me your favorite cheeses of all time in the comments.  Until next time . . . Bye Bye! :)

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