I wanted to write another blog.  I would really like this to be a somewhat regular thing, but right now, I have nothing to talk about! 

I thought about playing my clarinet this weekend (since I didn't end up selling it), but I don't really have any music, and I can't remember any of it that was temporarily memorized through high school. 

I had a pretty boring weekend.  The most exciting thing that happened was a random guy talking to me on the sidewalk on my way to my car.  He passed by me heading in the other direction with a friend.  They were both wearing coats and I was wearing a sweater, and he said to me "Wow, you must be freezing!"

I said, "Nah." Then he said "Oh, not too bad huh?" I just shook my head.

Pretty sad when that's the most exciting thing that happened during my weekend.  Also, I'd like to point out that this blog is now being exported to my Facebook notes so that all of my Facebook friends know when I post a new blog.  If you are reading this on my facebook, then please realize that it was posted from my website.  You can find a link to my website under the info section of my profile! =)

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