I signed into Weebly today to check my website (which I haven't done in quite a while), and I noticed that I had lots of website views on Valentine's Day!  Before I re-designed my site, I changed the banner for each holiday. Well, I haven't posted anything on here in so long, and I forgot to put anything up for V-Day . . . Sorry. 

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend.  I spent it with my boyfriend, and he took my to see "Valentine's Day" on Sunday.  It was kind of expensive, and I felt kinda bad, but at least he enjoyed the movie.  We got a large pop, and it costed $5.75! That's ridiculous if you ask me.

Alright, I have nothing else to talk about.  Leave me a comment telling me about your Valentine's Day. =)
3/9/2011 05:03:16 pm

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